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Aged Home Care Services


The leadership team behind Like Our Own share the same vision, beliefs and values, but bring together distinctly different yet vital skill sets to their roles. They will work together to champion our ageing population to remain the active members of the community and empower them to continue exploring their talents, passions and skills.

Alec Tarshis
Founder and CEO
Alec has built Like Our Own on the back of 25 years of experience in management, customer experience and healthcare. He brings a unique ability to design and operate customer experience focused businesses  – as opposed to businesses which are purely driven by bottom line.

Alec managed the design and implementation of Chronic Disease Management programs for an international pharmaceutical company which helped people with ongoing conditions to self manage their care and prevent them from getting worse. This ignited and subsequently grew his passion for the healthcare field and working to make a difference in people’s lives. His own parents and parents-in-law are now in retirement and needing supplementary in home care.  His father, in pursuit of his own purpose in retirement, has qualified as a PCA and provides in-home care to other elderly. Having personally grappled with the challenges of ageing parents, the desires to live at home with meaning and purpose, Alec wants to directly help others through these uncharted waters to make a true difference to lives.

    Debbie Harris
    Lead Registered Nurse
    Debbie commenced working for Like Our Own in August 2020, with over 30 years of experience in various fields of nursing. She began her nursing career in the UK working as a community nurse before transitioning to school nursing when her own children were younger. Debbie and her family emigrated to Australia in 2011, where she continued to apply her nursing skills in a school nurse role.

    More recently, Debbie has returned to working in the community, to resume the role she is passionate about looking after the elderly in our community. She keeps her nursing skills updated with ongoing professional development focusing on dementia, wound care, medication management and palliative care.

    Debbie enjoys the interaction with the clients and is looking forward to building relationships with each on a personal level in order to deliver the best nursing care.

      Aged Care

      We’ve gone out and spoken to many of you and your families to clearly understand from you your expectations, preferences and needs.  You’ve been pretty clear in what you’ve told us you expect and want in an in-home care provider:
      • You’ve got goals and purpose in your life you don’t want to give up just because you’re older, more frail or need more help in getting there
      • You’ve spent your life managing your lives, schedules, other people – you just want to take it easy and for someone to take care of all of that for you
      • You’ve looked after others all your life – now it’s time to look after yourself – focus on your needs
      • You want carer that are like your family – but better and more capable
      So we’ve structured our business and services around that information – and we will continue to evolve it as we learn from you and your developing needs.
      We promise that:
      • We will be obsessive in listening to our clients and ensuring their experience is excellent.      
      • We will do everything possible to enable our client’s time to be purposeful, meaningful, and joyful.
      • We will make life easier and more convenient for our clients. 
      • We will respect our clients in the relationship.
      • We will provide our clients with confidence along their journey.
      • We will have transparent access to information.
      • We will let our clients take ownership.
      • We will empower our clients.