Household Help

Like Our Own Household Help washing up and making life easier for you

Household Help

We understand that an essential element of remaining in your own home comfortably is keeping up with the cleaning and maintenance. We are here to help with all of that.

Our staff are keen to take note of the way our clients have always done things themselves and ensure the same quality and care is undertaken and upheld. We can help prepare favourite meals, tend gardens and ensure pets are walked, fed and groomed.

At Like Our Own, pets are family and we aim to ensure your pets can grow old with you in your home too.

We don’t just limit household help to cleaning, cooking and fixing things.

Bayside Aged Care

We also arrange for home modification when needed and can provide technical help for life’s modern gadgets. Do you want to see your grandchildren on a video call or set up an email address for easy communication? Need your internet connected or the phone sorted? We are here to make those things happen.

Household help we offer:

  • Cleaning

  • Cooking

  • Home Modification & Maintenance

  • Technology

  • Communication

  • Gardening

  • Pet Care

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