We have prepared a quick walk through of the system with this video explanation and free PDF of the process in six steps.

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    We are happy to help you navigate the My Aged Care system from Registration right through to the final steps at no cost to you.

    If you are not already registered, the first step is to get a referral. You or your representative can call 1 800 200 422 to begin the registration process. It will take about ten minutes and you will need your personal details as well as your Medicare Card for this step. Once the call is completed, you will be in the My Aged Care system.

    What follows the registration is a phone assessment. This is done by yourself and/or your representative just like the registration process. You will call 1 800 200 422 and need to allow at least 10 minutes if not more. You will be required to detail your needs, situation and any current care, services or support that you already receive. The result of this phone call will be the booking of a comprehensive assessment.

    The comprehensive assessment will involve yourself and or your representative as well as an Aged Care Assessment Team/Service (ACAT/ACAS) and takes place in person at your home. While the assessment takes 1 to 2 hours to complete, it is currently a 4 to 10 week wait to be scheduled in. On the day of the assessment you will need your Medicare number, referrals from your doctor as well as your health professional’s contact details, a list of questions you may have and details of the current support you receive. At the end of the assessment, your needs will be determined.

    Following the comprehensive assessment, the ACAT/ACAS will notify you of your approval in about 3 to 6 weeks. For this step you will just need patience. Once the letter arrives detailing your eligibility, you are considered approved to receive a Home Care Package.

    The next step is getting your Home Care Package assigned and requires even more patience on your part. You will receive your HCP by mail and the wait times vary from 6-9 months for a level 1-2 HCP up to 12+ months for levels 3-4 HCP.

    The final step in the process is the financial assessment. This Aged Care Fees Income Assessment for (SA456) must be completed and submitted by you to Centrelink/DHS who will process and assess. You will need your personal details and Medicare card to do so. While it takes a day to complete, it can take 1-3 months to process. The purpose is to set your contribution to the HCP costs and this is valid for 120 days.